Simulate location in Xcode with GPX

I tried “Add GPX file to Project” in Xcode in the Debug > Simulate Location menu. I chose my file and clicked to proceed. The dialog box disappeared but nothing else seemed to have happened.

What did work for me was dragging and dropping a GPX file on to the project (in the panel showing list of files in fact). I went to and generated a GPX file there. I stripped out the elevation and time and saved the file. Then I dropped that file into my Xcode project. The name of the location shown in the menu seems to be derived by Xcode from the filename of the GPX.

I had a file called addenbrookes.gpx:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="">
<wpt lat="52.17563249587351" lon="0.1436939835548401"></wpt>

After I added that the menu for “Simulate Location” includes “addenbrookes” as an option for a location to choose.


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