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Simulate location in Xcode with GPX

I tried “Add GPX file to Project” in Xcode in the Debug > Simulate Location menu. I chose my file and clicked to proceed. The dialog box disappeared but nothing else seemed to have happened.

What did work for me was dragging and dropping a GPX file on to the project (in the panel showing list of files in fact). I went to and generated a GPX file there. I stripped out the elevation and time and saved the file. Then I dropped that file into my Xcode project. The name of the location shown in the menu seems to be derived by Xcode from the filename of the GPX.

I had a file called addenbrookes.gpx:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="">
<wpt lat="52.17563249587351" lon="0.1436939835548401"></wpt>

After I added that the menu for “Simulate Location” includes “addenbrookes” as an option for a location to choose.


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Loopback automigrate sample code generating NaN ‘mysql’

Using the automigrate sample code from near the end of the page at  I received back the text

NaN 'mysql'

This turns out to be from the console.log line that includes ‘-‘ (minus) signs in the line

console.log('Loopback tables [' - lbTables - '] created in ',;

using instead ‘+’ signs as in the following seemed to work

console.log('Loopback tables [' + lbTables + '] created in ',;

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Marko 1500ms & no refresh with browser-refresh

I’ve been trying the Marko templating engine and was seeing the message

Waited 1500ms without receiving "online" from child process

on starting up the app with either browser-refresh or with node server.js. Turns out that was just due to my MacBook Pro being old and slow. The tortoise still ran the code just not as quickly as expected.

The more significant problem I was facing was that

browser-refresh wasn’t doing a browser refresh

as intended when I changed source code. This was driving me nuts going round in circles trying to understand this new technology in a language in which I wasn’t particularly familiar. Magic was at work and the tricks weren’t quite working. Worse was I couldn’t work out how to fix them.

I asked on about the problem and, much to my surprise and absolute delight, the author of Marko, Patrick Steele-Idem answered. What’s more he took the time to troubleshoot the problem. I was fairly sure it would be something simple but the troubleshooting went deep into the cache refresh mechanism – illuminating and ultimately fruitful. Case sensitivity was the problem – as simple as that! The cache was being cleared of a file with a lower case name in the path whilst the file being retrieved for the browser had mixed case. Answer: use lower case with underscore in paths and filenames (and I’m quoting Patrick Steele-Idem here).

Now I’m underway again trialling Marko as part of a possible technology stack I’m exploring.

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PDF from Trello cards

I’ve put together a tool to generate a PDF from a set of Trello cards. The tool is at and with it you connect to Trello, choose your list and download the PDF. Connecting to Trello means clicking a button on a form that pops up to authorise the tool to retrieve data from your Trello account. The download consists of the card name as a heading and the card description as paragraphs below the heading. I used to produce a product description document from a set of cards I created with a team. Please do let me know what you think of it and the use to which you put it.

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Play Framework (Java, 2.3x) code coverage

I wanted to add code coverage to help me spot additional tests to write. Jacoco4sbt came up in the Google searches as the most likely solution to use. After a first attempt which just didn’t look promising I eradicated Jacoco from my project. I decided to try again after a while and, hey presto, it worked!

The two vital ingredients were:

I added

addSbtPlugin("de.johoop" % "jacoco4sbt" % "2.1.6")

to project/plugins.sbt and


to build.sbt plus I wanted jacoco to use my testing configuration file.

testOptions in jacoco.Config += Tests.Setup( () => System.setProperty("config.file", "conf/testing.conf") )
parallelExecution in jacoco.Config := false

to build.sbt as well, with the blank lines included like that.

Then I ran

./activator jacoco:cover

When I saw the test debug log output in the application.log file I was most surprised and delighted.

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Offshore or nearby development – good article (link)

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Stop shouting at me

Stop shouting at me
Are you a drunk
an angry driver
in mortal danger at the cliff’s edge
No, I’m three
and I just want it now

Stop shouting at me
I’m learning from you
and I’m failing to learn from you
Why are we shouting
I just want it now

Stop shouting at me
Why don’t you hear me
Why don’t you notice me
I’m only three
But this all me, right now
and I want it now


(written probably in 2010)

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