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30 Jan 2016

Sent on the road from a phone so forgive formatting issues if any, and if any sentence seems random, safe to assume that predictive text did its thing and I failed to spot it.

BBC article on the topic of disclaimers

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-30728874 – perhaps it’s not just me then that’s interested in these…

Lloyds TSB

7 Nov 2012


This e-mail was sent from an information-only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.


If you have any questions about this email please call our dedicated Helpdesk. It is open from 08:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). The number is 0870 900 2069 and calls are charged at national rate. Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes.

Lloyds TSB are very careful about protecting you and your information. For your convenience and subject to your continued agreement, we will use email to contact you about services and products. For your security, while we may direct you to the secure logon page of Internet Banking:

*We will never ask you to reconfirm your password by email.

*We will never ask you to enter your Internet Banking login memorable information in full.

*We will never ask you for your credit card or Debit Card PIN or direct you to a website that asks for your PIN.

Lloyds TSB Bank plc. Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. Registered in England and Wales, number 2065. Telephone: 020 7626 1500.

Bank of Scotland plc. Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Registered in Scotland, number 327000. Telephone: 020 7626 1500.

Lloyds TSB Scotland plc. Registered Office: Henry Duncan House, 120 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4LH. Registered in Scotland, number 95237. Telephone: 0131 225 4555.

Cheltenham & Gloucester plc. Registered Office: Barnett Way, Gloucester GL4 3RL. Registered in England and Wales, number 2299428. Telephone: 01452 372372.

Lloyds TSB Bank plc, Lloyds TSB Scotland plc, Bank of Scotland plc and Cheltenham & Gloucester plc are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc. Cheltenham & Gloucester Savings is a division of Lloyds TSB Bank plc.

HBOS plc. Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Registered in Scotland, number 218813. Telephone: 020 7626 1500.

Lloyds Banking Group plc. Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Registered in Scotland, number 95000. Telephone: 0131 225 4555

This e-mail (including any attachments) is private and confidential and may contain privileged material. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender and delete it (including any attachments) immediately. You must not copy, distribute, disclose or use any of the information in it or any attachments.

Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded.

JP Morgan

8 Aug 2012

This communication is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument or as an official confirmation of any transaction. All market prices, data and other information are not warranted as to completeness or accuracy and are subject to change without notice. Any comments or statements made herein do not necessarily reflect those of JPMorgan Chase & Co., its subsidiaries and affiliates. This transmission may contain information that is privileged, confidential, legally privileged, and/or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the information contained herein (including any reliance thereon) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Although this transmission and any attachments are believed to be free of any virus or other defect that might affect any computer system into which it is received and opened, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that it is virus free and no responsibility is accepted by JPMorgan Chase & Co., its subsidiaries and affiliates, as applicable, for any loss or damage arising in any way from its use. If you received this transmission in error, please immediately contact the sender and destroy the material in its entirety, whether in electronic or hard copy format. Thank you. Please refer to http://www.jpmorgan.com/pages/disclosures for disclosures relating to European legal entities.


11 July 2012


The contents of this email and the attachments hereto contain copyrighted material. All copyright vests in SimSend Holdings (Pty) Ltd and/or Andrea Papadopulo (“the copyright holders”) and the unauthorised use, copying or dissemination of this material, in any manner or form, constitutes an infringement of the copyright and the intellectual property which vests in the copyright holders.


This communication contains information, which is confidential and may also be privileged. It is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient(s) please note that any distribution, copying or use of this communication or the information in it is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error please notify us by e-mail and then delete the e-mail and any copies of it. This communication is from SimSend Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Churchill House 245 Lys Street, Rietondale, Pretoria, 0084.

Warning: It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that the onward transmission, opening or use of this message and any attachments will not adversely affect its systems or data. Please carry out such virus and other checks as you consider appropriate. No responsibility is accepted by SimSend Holdings (Pty) Ltd in this regard.


(5 Jul 2012)

If at anytime you would like your details removed from our records, please contact crmeurope@hudson.com.

Hudson does not engage, work in partnership with or endorse the services of any third party organisations which provide CV Services i.e. drafting and reviewing. Hudson employees have no authority to suggest or endorse any such third party to candidates.

Hudson (NASDAQ: HHGP) is a leading provider of permanent recruitment, contract professionals and talent management services worldwide. From single placements to total outsourced solutions, Hudson helps clients achieve greater organisational performance by assessing, recruiting, developing and engaging the best and brightest people for their businesses. At Hudson, we value diversity.

This email is confidential. It may be read, copied and used only by the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please contact the sender immediately by return email or by telephoning +44 (0) 20 7187 6000. Please then delete the email and do not disclose its content to any person. We believe, but do not warrant, that this email and any attachments are virus free. You should take full responsibility for virus checking. Hudson reserves the right to monitor all email communications through their internal and external networks.

Your feedback is also important to us. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our services and solutions, please share them with us by emailing crmeurope@hudson.com. Equally, if you wish to opt out of receiving direct marketing material from us, either as a current customer or as a result of an opt-in arrangement, please email crmeurope@hudson.com or telephone us on Free phone 0800 781 0717.

Hudson Global Resources Limited, registered office Chancery House, 53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QS. Registered in England and Wales No. 3206355


Emails aren’t always secure, and they may be intercepted or changed after they’ve been sent. Santander doesn’t accept liability if this happens. If you think someone may have interfered with this email, please get in touch with the sender another way.This message doesn’t create or change any contract. Santander doesn’t accept responsibility for damage caused by any viruses contained in this email or its attachments. Emails may be monitored. If you’ve received this email by mistake, please let the sender know at once that it’s gone to the wrong person and then destroy it without copying, using, or telling anyone about its contents. Santander UK plc Reg. No. 2294747 and Abbey National Treasury Services plc Reg. No. 2338548. Registered Offices: 2 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London NW1 3AN. Registered in England. www.santander.co.uk. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, except for consumer credit products which are regulated by the Office of Fair Trading. FSA Reg. No. 106054 and 146003 respectively. Santander Asset Finance plc. Reg. No. 1533123. Registered Office: Carlton Park, Narborough LE19 0AL. Registered in England. Santander Corporate Banking is a brand name used by Santander UK plc, Abbey National Treasury Services plc and Santander Asset Finance plc. Santander and the Flame logo are registered trademarks.


Our full name is PolicyBee LLP and we are business insurance specialists. We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and registered in England and Wales no. 3294530 at 2, The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DJ

To ensure emails from contactus@policybee.co.uk reach you, please add us to your email browser’s address book or if you would prefer not to receive any emails about other products and services from PolicyBee, please click unsubscribe.


This tool is provided without warranty, guarantee, or much in the way of explanation. Note that use of this tool may or may not crash your browser, lock up your machine, erase your hard drive, or e-mail those naughty pictures you hid in the Utilities folder to your mother. Don’t blame me if anything bad happens to you, because it’s actually the aliens’ fault. The code expressed herein is solely that of the author, and he’s none too swift with the JavaScript, if you know what we mean, so it’s likely to cause giggle fits in anyone who knows what they’re doing. Not a flying toy. Thank you for playing. Insert coin to continue.

Monarch recruitment

This message is intended solely for the use of the individual or organisation to whom it is addressed. It may contain privileged or confidential information. If you have received this message in error, please notify the originator immediately. If you are not the intended recipient, you should not use, copy, alter, or disclose the contents of this message. All information or opinions expressed in this message and/or any attachments are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Monarch Recruitment Ltd or its affiliates. Monarch Recruitment Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss or damage arising from its use, including damage from virus. If you wish to be removed from the database or feel this email has no business with yourself, then please click on the following removal link to be removed from our database.remove


Internet communications are not secure and therefore Novel Approaches Ltd accepts that any information contained in this email can be read by anyone who cares to hack on in. The information in this message is certified and fully represents the intentions of the author unless otherwise disclosed in unfathomable legalese until further notice ahem.
[Alice Willitts – email disclaimer]


Visit our website at http://www.ubs.com

This message contains confidential information and is intended only
for the individual named.  If you are not the named addressee you
should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail.  Please
notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this
e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system.

E-mails are not encrypted and cannot be guaranteed to be secure or
error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost,
destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.  The sender
therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the
contents of this message which arise as a result of e-mail transmission.
If verification is required please request a hard-copy version.  This
message is provided for informational purposes and should not be
construed as a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any securities
or related financial instruments.

UBS Limited is a company registered in England & Wales under company
number 2035362, whose registered office is at 1 Finsbury Avenue,
London, EC2M 2PP, United Kingdom.

UBS AG (London Branch) is registered as a branch of a foreign company
under number BR004507, whose registered office is at
1 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PP, United Kingdom.

UBS Clearing and Execution Services Limited is a company registered
in England & Wales under company number 03123037, whose registered
office is at 1 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PP, United Kingdom.

UBS reserves the right to retain all messages. Messages are protected
and accessed only in legally justified cases.

Is there copyright on disclaimers? When they get this long surely that must be the case.

Blue Gnome

This email is confidential and privileged. If you are not the intended recipient please accept our apologies; please do not disclose, copy, or distribute information in this email nor take any action in reliance on its contents: to do so is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Please inform us that this message has gone astray before deleting it. Thank you for your co-operation.


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